Bertom Denoiser

VST3 & AU / Windows & Linux(x64) & Mac (10.9+, Intel only)

Latest version: 1.2.1

A free noise reduction plugin designed for music and post-production / dialogue.


What's new since 1.2.0?

Bertom Denoiser is now available for Linux (64-bit) !

This version is all about bug fixes, making the code more robust, fine-tuning the user interface, and organizing my code base for my next plugin :)

MAC users: I'm NOT a "verified developer" yet! You may need to "allow apps downloaded from anywhere" in System preferences > Security & privacy. Unfortunately, this option isn't available in Catalina anymore. You'll find a workaround HERE.

Pay what you want

Fine-tuning all these tiny expanders was (and is) a very time-consuming task. If you want to help, please consider paying for it :)


Latest version: 1.2.1


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