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Bertom Audio

Vocal Compressor

Vocal Compressor is a simple compressor plugin optimized for speech and singing voice.

It is heavily inspired by how mastering limiters work and features the same kind of lookahead (about 1ms) and program dependency but in a soft knee compression context.

Additionally, the "HF Sens" sidechain filter allows you to fine-tune the sensitivity to high frequencies. It is similar to what you can find on the back of a famous optical compressor.

See it in action on YouTube! Vocal Compressor


OS x86-64arm64
Windows 7+ VST3, AAX
macOS 10.13+ VST3, AU, AAX VST3, AU, AAX
(Apple Silicon)
(glibc 2.27+)

This plug-in is not a standalone app. A compatible host is required.
If your system is not supported, you might be able to use an older version.

Pay What You Want

This plug-in is provided under the Pay-What-You-Want system, including for free. However, making these plugins takes a lot of time and research. Please consider paying for it. Thanks! 🙂

Latest version: 1.0.1


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