Bertom EQ Curve Analyzer

VST3, AU / Windows 7+, MacOS 10.9+(x64 & M1), GNU/Linux(Debian 10+)

Latest version: 1.3.0

A free analyzer/signal generator plugin to analyse the frequency and phase responses of any plugin (or hardware).

This plugin started as a developer tool but has been simplified so that it doesn't require a complicated setup to work. Just sandwich the effect(s) you want to analyse between TWO instances, the first one set as the signal generator and the second one as the analyzer. Then set the latency if needed, That's it! It also features a "group" system that enables to compare two analysis in real-time.

It's particularly useful as a learning tool to see what classic EQs are doing for example.

M1 Mac users : Note that I don't have an M1 myself yet. Until then, if bugs are found, it may take more time to fix them.

Pay what you want

Making these plugins takes a lot of time and research. If you want to help, please consider paying for it :)


Latest version: 1.3.0


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