Bertom EQ Curve Analyzer

VST3 & AU / Windows & Mac (10.9+)

Latest version: 1.1.5

A free analyzer/signal generator plugin to analyse the frequency and phase responses of any plugin (or hardware).

This plugin started as a developer tool but has been simplified so that it doesn't require a complicated setup to work. Just sandwich the effect(s) you want to analyse between TWO instances, the first one set as the signal generator and the second one as the analyzer. Then set the latency if needed, That's it!

It's particularly useful as a learning tool to see what classic EQs are doing for example.

What's new in 1.1.5?

Bertom EQ Curve Analyzer will now show phase response!

It also now supports stereo and will show you magnitude and phase for each channel.

Please read the "How to use" text file : phase response brings new parameters that can be a little bit more tricky regarding latency. But for zero-latency plugins, it's actually simpler than ever : the new Auto mode will automatically set the instances as a generator/analyzer depending on the order of execution.

MAC users: I'm NOT a "verified developer" yet! You may need to "allow apps downloaded from anywhere" in System preferences > Security & privacy. Unfortunately, this option isn't available in Catalina anymore. You'll find a workaround HERE.

AudioUnit/Logic users: You'll need to enable input monitoring ("I" icon) on the track you're using the plugin. If you don't, Logic would pause effects processing and the plugin won't work!

Pay what you want

I'm planning on coding a complete plugin analysis suite (compression, saturation...). If you want to help, please consider paying for this one :)


Latest version: 1.1.5


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